Why Choose XenonCyber?

XenonCyber is an established cyber-advisory company with engagements in Critical Infrastructure and Mining industries across Canada. Since 1996, we have pursued our passion and established a foothold in Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology Cybersecurity through a defense-in-depth strategy. 

XenonCyber Dynamics Inc. helps organizations defend their operating environments by improving their Operational Technology resiliency and minimizing the impact of Cyber-Events. We work with your local Electricians, Integrators, Owners and Engineers to implement solutions.

We believe that technology can build a better tomorrow when safely and securely applied.

Latest News

Fibre Rack Example
By now, we all have some idea of what IT or Information Technology is comprised of. It’s pervasive in our everyday lives, and most of us – either consciously, or subconsciously – utilize it for a multitude of things every day. Whether it’s used to perform […]
Defense in Depth Example
Cybersecurity is a never-ending battle; a system cannot be 100% secure. We must keep adding layers and updating our systems to make it increasingly difficult for others to gain access and to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape.  Layers we can include can be improving […]
Arcade Gaming Timeline
What parallels can be drawn from the golden age of arcade games to identify modern threats and risks in Operational Technology?  Just like Industry 4.0 has brought new life and technology into our industry; the golden age brought new life to entertainment. The golden age of […]

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