Senior Team

We specialize in guiding the development of defensible critical infrastructure through expert consulting services. By actively empowering organizations with tailored solutions, knowledge transfer, and ongoing support, we aim to enhance resilience and measurably minimize the impact of cyber threats, benefiting our clients and the communities they serve.

Sean Bouchard, P.Eng.

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Brawley

Director of Operations

Jason Marchese, PMP, P.Eng.

Director of Engineering

Darren Gillis, FSR A, GICSP

Director of ICS Security

Core values

Our team and projects are built upon three core values: 

  • Stay Positive
  • Be Adaptable
  • Always Learning
  • Minimize the Impact

Partner Highlights


XenonCyber is the Canadian cybersecurity solutions partner with Phoenix Contact. We develop the framework for resilient solutions across an open-architecture of connectivity that highlights the flexibility of PLCNext deployments.

We work with Integrators and OEMs across Canada to find the best solution to meet your OT Cybersecurity requirements.

Cybersecurity PARTNER

XenonCyber is the Canadian Partner for Dragos ICS/OT Cybersecurity including the world class Dragos Platform, Architecture Reviews, Neighborhood Keeper and Worldwide Professional and Incident Response Services.

Our coordination with Dragos furthers our mission to secure critical infrastructure and minimize the impact of cyber incidents. We work together to perform detailed assessments of Clients infrastructure to identify ghost assets, find their Crown Jewels and determine the most effective solution to reduce the impact of cyber-incidents. 


XenonCyber is the Certified Partner for EcoStruxure Control systems in the BC interior. This certification is a testament to our 25+ years of positive customer feedback and success in project implementation. 

Our solutions provide clients, Integrators and OEMs with the studies and solutions necessary to meet your OT Cybersecurity requirements. XenonCyber leverages the Schneider Professional Services team to test and validate brownfield modernizations. 

Building System Resiliency

Canada is in a unique place in the world stage. We have access to a rugged landscape filled with exceptional natural resources that enable our workforce to be filled with opportunities for innovation and international cooperation. It is this same rugged landscape that exposes us to harsh environments and re-centers our efforts on the importance of resiliency.

We are expert consultants in Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technology Cyber-Resiliency specializing in research and planning for smart-grid capabilities, ICS/OT network architecture, disaster recovery and incident response. We have a comprehensive partner network and manufacturer support to allow us to engage experts in specific, niche fields to build out project options through development and testing.

Since 1996, we have pursued our passion and established a foothold in industry through repeated, high-quality projects. XenonCyber Dynamics is a privately held corporation with our head office in Kamloops, British Columbia.

Our vision is of a future where Operational Technology deployments are engineered through consequence-based analysis to improve critical infrastructure stability. This stability will provide the groundwork for safe and sustainable communities to improve their resiliency, minimize their dependency on reactive maintenance and enable teams to evaluate new opportunities in decarbonization and renewable technologies. We believe that technology can build a better tomorrow when safely and securely applied.

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