A Few Things We’re Awesome At…

Disaster Recovery and Master Planning

Essential to all organizations that rely on Industrial Control Systems & Operational Technology (ICS/OT) for Business Continuity. We work with you to identify critical components and build plans and budgets to meet key metrics.

Industrial Control & Power System Design and Auditing

Mining & Metals, Utility, Water & Waste-Water, Ski Resorts, Manufacturing. Developing secure critical infrastructure through EPCM contracts. We audit and validate deliverables to ensure that you get what you expected. 

ICS/OT Network Security, Firewall Assessments and Auditing

All Operational Technology (OT) verticals. Identify assets, data flow, baseband and logs to make sure your equipment is functioning (and configured) as expected.

Tabletop Exercises, Operational Support, Change Management and Project Buy-In

All industries that utilize Operational Technology (OT). We develop our exercises based on real-world case studies to help build your cybersecurity management system (CSMS) and strategies.

Industrial Cybersecurity (ICS/OT)

Operational technology prioritizes availability. OT is the essence of facilities and infrastructure that we rely on for modern life. 

We help you understand the operational state (and risk) of your facilities to give you the insight needed to guide decisions in business, operations, maintenance and engineering.

Establish asset visibility. You can’t protect what you don’t know about. Uncover your islands of automation and understand the true cost of downtime. Know how to reduce impact of cyber-threats to point that they don’t affect your operations. 

Let our assessment team work with you to determine the key drivers in the development of business continuity (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP).

Build a modernization and deployment plan that aligns with acceptable risk. Know what to upgrade and what to defer—align time and budget with your vision of future operations. 

Threat and High-Level Risk Assessments (ISA 62443) 

Network, Control and Power System Review Studies

ICS (Industrial Control System) Modernization and Resiliency Planning

Master Planning (SCADA and Utility)

Cyber-Physical Engineering

The future is yours to imagine. Let us help you design it.

We engineer systems that bridge the gap between the cyber and the physical world. Systems that take into consideration the consequence of control systems interactions with specifications that align with Target Security Levels.

We embed industrial cybersecurity requirements in our engineering designs by utilizing community driven best practices from ISA99 and the  Top 20 Secure PLC Coding Practices Project

We bring international expertise to a Canadian marketplace through our diverse, world class partner network. 

Power System Studies, Protective Device Coordination and Motor Starting Studies

Critical network system design and auditing including, underground mining, access control and SD-WAN development.

Utility Interconnections and Utility Primary Applications (BC, AB, SK, ON)

Operational Support and Deployment

Equipment is only as good as it’s configuration. Our recipe starts with industry best practices, mixes in our 25 years of lessons learned and then layers in the  Top 20 Secure PLC Coding Practices

Let us help you get the most out of your OT equipment and systems. Our services are specifically tailored to help reduce the need for reactive maintenance in Industrial Control and Power Systems.

Get to the things that really matter. We help your team perform their day-to-day work more efficiently removing the barriers of technology.  

Understand and know that the system your ordered is the system that was installed with our Factory Assurance services, System Validation and 3rd Party Commissioning Verification Services.

Do you know who is on your network?

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